Matsuda Food Products Inc.
Matsuda Food Products Inc.

Message from the CEO

Since the culture of traditional Japanese food (Washoku) has been registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, "food" has been gathering growing attention. While we are able to easily obtain any food, we never forget nostalgic tastes. Don’t you have a childhood memory of warm tasty food, fun time and everyone’s smile, etc...?
Our company started the business as a Tofu (soy bean curd) shop at Osaka, in 1946. Focusing on the promising future of Abura-age (deep fried Tofu), we established a seasoned Abura-age making company in 1977, and have been developing many seasoned Abura-age and related products. Many customers enjoy our products using it for Inari-sushi and topping it on Udon. Inari-sushi has a long history, being made to pray for a huge harvest in the Edo period, and still an essential food for celebrity and seasonal events. It is a light meal with good harmonization of sweet and salty Abura-age and sweet and sour Sumeshi (vinegared rice). Moreover, it is a well-balanced nutorious diet containing the three major nutrients since Abura-age is made from soybeans; the protein of the soybeans contains essential amino acids and it is effective for the improvement of cholesterol level and corpulence; and, since it contains dietary fiber, mineral and no cholesterol, you can call it a very healthy foodstuff. We are proud to introduce a product which combines taste and health from “Kui-daore No Machi” (the city of eating up), Osaka.
Other than Osaka, we have opened offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and expanded our business abroad by establishing a joint corporation at Dalian city (Liaoning province), China in 1991. We have proved our system for controlling food safety and security by the registration of ISO22000 (HACCP) certification in 2017. Our market is expanding from Japan to Asia, USA, Europe, Australia, and so on...
We are also producing Sushi-ingredients for Maki-sushi (sushi roll) and traditional Japanese sweets using An (sweet bean past). Our company wants all the people to acknowledge the virtue of Washoku. We have been handling many Washoku products, and will keep offering a menu to enjoy the seasons and seasonal events for the customers.
At last, we sincerely ask you, my dear customers, support for our products.

Asazo Matsuda

FSSC22000 Food safety guideline

To provide “tasty, healthy, safe and secure” products and service trusted and enjoyed by the customers, we abide by laws and regulations, and will maintain smooth exchange of information in and out our company.

FSSC22000 Food safety guideline
FSSC22000 Food safety guideline

Plan of Action

  1. We, as food producers, will provide “tasty, healthy, safe and secure” products trusted and enjoyed by the customers.
  2. We will comply with laws and regulations, and provide products in conformity with food safety conditions desired by the customers.
  3. To provide safe and secure products, all of our employees will understand the importance of food safety and we will maintain and improve our hygienic surroundings.
  4. We will regularly review, improve, renew and implement our food safety management system.
  5. We will maintain smooth exchange of information in and out our company, produce safe products and contribute to society.

Company Information

FSSC22000 Food safety guideline
CEO Asazo Matsuda
Head office address 5-4-21, Nakagawa, Ikuno-ku, Osaka
Inauguration October 1st,1946
Established August 1st,1977
Capital 96,000,000 JPY
Employee 250
Business field
  1. Production and sales of soy beans processed food
  2. Production and sales of Sushi ingredients
    seasoned koya-tofu, seasoned dry gourd, maki-shin etc.〕
  3. Production and sales of Japanese delicatessen, traditional Japanese sweets
Office Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka
Factory Osaka
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